Physical systems for time management

lists, diaries etc

In order to achieve any kind of success you will need to be organised, and this means you will need three simple tools

  1. A master list of everything you need to do, all down in one place. Any order, maybe on a piece of paper, a white board, or a computer.
  2. A jobs to do list for each day, every day, with up to 10 things on it, written the night before.
  3. A diary that contains your home and work appointments and is small enough to be always with you. As well as appointments with people you can also book in appointments with yourself in order to get time aside for the things that matter, and you can reminders to follow up task completion dates which have been promised to you by others.

A good solution for the diary is perhaps a filofax type diary where you can have the layouts as you like them, and already have next year in there.