Beating procrastination

Appointments with yourself in your diary:
decide when you will do it, and put the time aside.

Leave the job out visible:
for example pots of paint by the front door, or open book on the dining table. If it’s there it reminds you, but is also easier to start.

Break large tasks into chunks:
decide to start with just the first part. Worry about the rest once you’ve done the first part.

Plunge in and get started:
don’t worry about getting every detail planned, just start and sort the detail out as you go along. Once started, many jobs are more enjoyable and will be quickly finished off.

Visualise the future:
what if I don’t do this job at all, or if I delay it until it gets really bad? what if I do it and finish it how good will it feel to see the completed task, all done?

Reward yourself:
on completion of the task, or part of it, give yourself a small reward. Always pay up if you have earned it, or this method won’t work a second time! You could withhold the reward until you have done the task – e.g. no chocolate until…

Start the day with a tough one: rather than thinking about the unpleasant task all day, get it over with, and feel smug. Make this a habit: one tough job at the start of each day.