Time Management

Time Management by Chris Croft

  • I run training courses in Time Management. They take 2 days and are a mixture of inspirational why bother to change your habits? and practical what to do every day to make a difference to your life. Most time management books, and probably the training courses too, seem to focus on one or the other: they are either inspirational but don’t really tell you how to do it, or they are thorough and useful but a bit boring. I hope my book and my training course are able to do enough of both to make you want to change and also to help you do so!
  • I run a two day time management course for groups of 6-16 people which is interactive but also full of useful input from me. Click here to view a detailed programme of what I cover on my course. You can email me to find out more about the course. Also, the course can be tailored for you“ for example, stress may not be an issue for your team, or they may not be able to delegate to others so you may not want that covered on the course.
  • On this site I have put a page or two on each of the main topics covered on the course, so that you can see the type of thing we will be discussing. In fact these web pages provide quite a resource a free resource! which you can refer to whenever you like, regardless of whether you ever come on my training course. See below for a list of main topics which are covered on this site.
  • If you want further reading then you might enjoy my book. Click here to view my book Time Management on amazon.
  • If you like all this free information and want to know more, give me a call and we can talk about training etc. And also, why not add your name to my free time management monthly e-mail tips list? They will arrive every month in your in-box, for free, for ever, and amazingly they never repeat. You can unsubscribe at the click of a button, and you can add or subtract subjects in the same way (you can have tips on negotiating, project management, presentations, assertiveness, selling, managing people, and customer care).